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pre-sale service
Provide professional consultation to answer your professional technical questions with the fastest speed and the most professional angle.
Free on-site inspection for customers, providing project consultation, medical paper design, project budget and related technical information. Customer-centric, providing customers with a variety of feasible solutions for customers to refer to the best solution to customer satisfaction.
Sale service
Production is carried out in strict accordance with relevant national standards, and the whole process is controlled according to the ISO9001 quality system, and the relevant provisions of the contract are strictly observed.
We also provide free home delivery, installation and commissioning of products for customers, and provide relevant product use instructions after installation of firewood.
Actively communicate with users, respect customer arrangements, provide customers with thoughtful technical support, and complete technical guidance on customer use, maintenance and general flaw elimination.
After sales service
The equipment fulfills the three-year free warranty lifetime maintenance, and provides the required services quickly and quickly to the secret account. After the warranty period, the equipment maintenance fee is only charged for the material fee.
Set up a customer hotline to deal with problems in the process of using the equipment.
Provide free consultation and software version upgrades for customers. Establish customer files, implement tracking services for customers, and conduct annual inspections and timed warranty for customers free of charge.

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